We would like to take this opportunity and introduce our company RAHSUN Co.,We are a leading Iran, based company involved in exporting DRIED FRUITS , NUTS more than 5 years around the world. Our long term career started off in 2013 and it has boomed during these 5 years

RAHSUN Co. is renowned as ExporterDistributor , Manufacturer in field of DRIED FRUITS  and NUTS.  We proud ourselves on the fact that we have never received any adverse feedback from our customers and also never compromised on quality and services provided for our customers, our fabulous commodities are  ( Pistachios , Raisins , Saffron) , these products are being harvested as soon as they are ripened. Being sensitive to quality and prices makes us distinctive among our rivals

Our informative, supportive and patient salespeople are always there to let you know detailed information and explain all your questions, our slogan is on the basis of Customer’s Satisfaction, only in this way are we able to fulfill our customers’ requirements

Rahsun Co. ISO for exports

RAHSUN Co. is a seller, supplier and exporter of Raisin in all kinds of Iranian raisins including Sun dried raisin, Sultana raisinGolden raisin, and Green raisin in different grades and qualities. Iran is the third largest exporter of raisin in the world before US and Turkey with more than 240,000 MT annually raisin export. At the September, grapes are reaped, so our expert consulters start to buy good quality crops from farmers and then depends the kind of raisin requested the process operations manipulate in our factory. Process includes some of same operations for all kind of raisins like washing, cleaning, sorting, controlling and packing but they are different in drying manner. Our raisins are double sorted, metal detected with exact required specifications provided. Iranian raisins come in different colors and are differentiated according to the drying procedure and the location

High Quality Raisins of KhalilAbad


Raisins belong to one of the beneficial category of nuts. It is made by drying grapes either exposed to the direct sunlight or special equipment for drying. Raisins are generally harvested in the end of September-October anniversary. Raisins are also currants which seeds are removed

Raisins are utilized in so many Products giving them a very delicious taste. It is noteworthy to mention these products such as Cakes, Donuts, Candies and sweets. In Iran, Confectionaries make the best use of Raisins in their Confections, predominantly, Sultana and Golden Raisins are those ones which used in Confections. Notwithstanding the uses in Confections, Iranian Cuisines benefit from Raisins in their cooks. For instance, Rice mixed with Raisins is a well-known dish among Iranian People. It has tempted other countries to find out what Iranian Raisins are, therefore, it led them to export Iranian Raisins so as to embroil it in their Recipes. Iranian Raisins have been proved to be extremely tasty and stunning, without doubt, these raisins bear awesome smell and taste for various dishes. Raisin is a logical and sensible substitute for Sugar due to its high amount of calories. Cholesterol available in Raisin is noticeably reasonable. Transaction of Raisins is on the rise in Iran owing to the traits mentioned above. Our turnover for Raisins was 200000 last years and we pride ourselves on the fact that we could sell out all of our Raisins available in Stockyard. Sultana Raisins and Golden Raisins are the most demanding Raisins which have been sold out by MGT Dried Fruit Company. The number of requests for these two types is far more double than other Raisins

Iranian Raisins are undoubtedly on the top of world’s Nuts due to all of the mentioned features and on the other hand, fertile soils which help producing Raisins with high amount of nutritional values. Iranian Raisins hold the highest quality and beneficial traits which are not comparable to other Nuts

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